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Fox News hosts target Dr. Anthony Fauci PSP Hacks

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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he will meet with Trump Wednesday to discuss coronavirus, infrastructure plans – CNBC

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that he will meet with President Donald Trump on Wednesday in Washington to discuss coronavirus response efforts and plans to jump-start the economy, including ideas for large-scale infrastructure projects.The Democratic governor, whose...

Fantastical Plans Are on Hold, and More Car News This Week PSP Hacks

It continues to be pretty awful out there in the world. Flying cars might not be coming anytime soon, the Google sister company Sidewalk Labs canceled its fantastical plans to build the city of the future in Toronto, and suffering government budgets will make it harder to fix roads. And yet! WIRED found some bright…

A new pro bono portal just launched for lawyers looking to help people hit hard by the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has laid low a lot of Americans, more than 62,000 of whom have already died since the beginning of March and 30 million more who are now out of work owing to the resultant shutdown of most businesses and public gathering places. The ensuant crisis it has created is so massive that…

Coronavirus Pandemic: Live World News Updates – The New York Times

Americans took a varied approach to the holiday, with pool parties in some places and shuttered beaches in others. Social distancing measures could spur a last-minute venue change for the R.N.C. Right NowFormer Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has campaigned...

United Dwelling is one startup building something to solve California’s housing crisis

The acute pain of California’s housing crisis can be measured in the human toll it takes on the increasing numbers of families made homeless by rising rents and the billions of dollars the state loses to the high cost of living. After wrestling with recalcitrant homeowners, husbanding their parcels of land to keep their property…

Revised CDC guidance: Coronavirus travels more through crowded spaces than dirty surfaces – cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Wiping surfaces is less important than avoiding crowded indoor gatherings to stop the spread of coronavirus, according to revised guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The updated CDC website now states that touching surfaces...

Trump fires back at Fox News host PSP Hacks

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It Pains Me to Report This Hot Dog Toaster Is a Piece of Shit

God, I love hot dogs. My parents used to reward me with the cheap and oh-so-delicious hot dogs from Costco for making it through a Sunday afternoon shopping session, so that’s probably why I love them so much. The reward center of my brain lights up every time I see or smell them. So when…

Coronavirus travel, Ahmaud Arbery shooting case, college admissions scandal: 5 things to know Friday – USA TODAY

Editors, USA TODAY Published 3:57 a.m. ET May 22, 2020 | Updated 8:01 a.m. ET May 22, 2020CLOSEAhmaud Arbery shooting: More details emerge after latest arrestA news conference is scheduled Friday at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Headquarters, a day after the...

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