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Being fit was never so easy or so fast, with Kendal Jenner’s exercise routine in record time.

Only 11 minutes. It’s the time you’ll need to get fit following Kendall Jenner’s exercise routine. An exercise routine that includes the movements necessary to activate all the muscles. Laziness or lack of time is no longer an excuse to adopt an exercise routine to get fit at home.

The little Kardashian clan sports enviable curves whose secret lies in taking care of diet and exercise, even with a busy schedule. A perfect routine to do when getting up and prepare to face the day with energy.

Exercise routine in 11 minutes

Thirteen exercises to perform in 11 minutes. The key is in the constancy and in following the routine every day.

30 seconds of forearm plate

48x48 forearm iron

We do not place upside down, resting on the forearms and the tips of the feet. We raise the body slightly until it is horizontal, maintaining the position.

30 seconds of classic iron

Classic iron 48x48

The classic version is the iron with the arms stretched. We place ourselves face down, with our arms stretched out and resting on our hands and the tips of our feet. We raise the body keeping the legs and the back straight.

15 seconds of a side plate

side plate 48x48

We stand sideways on the floor, resting on one hand and the other on the body. We raise the body, leaving the legs straight and without raising the feet. We stretch the other arm opening the hand.

Side plate with forearm support

Forearm Forearm Plate 48x48

Exercise similar to the previous one, with the difference that we lean on the doubled forearm. 5 repetitions with each side.

15 seconds of plate alternating leg/arm

Plate alternating arms 48x48

We place ourselves face down, with our arms stretched out and resting on our hands. Stretched legs. We raise the right leg and the left arm. Repeat on the other side.

15 seconds of dynamic plate

48x48 dynamic plate

We place ourselves face down, with our hands resting on the floor and our legs straight. Slowly bend the right knee, and then the left. Repeat in reverse.

Iron with a knee to elbow

We place ourselves face down, with our hands resting on the floor, and our legs stretched out. We bend the right knee until trying to touch the right elbow. 5 repetitions with each side.

20 abdominals

classic abs 48x48

The classic exercise that cannot be absent in a routine to be fit.

30 seconds of bicycle-type abs

Lying on the floor, emulating with the legs as if we were cycling.

20 seconds of abdominal vertical scissor

Lying on the floor, with legs stretched out, hands behind the head, we raise our legs in the air, at the height of the hips, and emulate the movement of the scissors.

Abdominal frog or Frog crunch

abdominal frog 48x48

Lying on the floor, we raise our legs at a right angle. We bend the knees, slightly opening the legs, and join the soles of the feet, 15 repetitions.

Abdominal crossed

crossed crunches 48x48

It consists of doing the abdominals trying to touch with the right elbow the left knee, and vice versa. 15 repetitions.

Leg Lifts

Lying on the floor, we raise our legs in a straight line, trying to maintain the position and lowering them again.