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By Nicole Gallucci

Do you ever feel like canceling plans with someone, but decide against it because you fear that flaking might upset that person? I know I do, but according to Twitter users, canceling plans is perfectly OK!

A new meme justifies your right to cancel plans by recalling all the absolutely ridiculous stuff that people do in movies. For example, if going away to summer camp, eating Oreos with peanut butter, switching places with your identical twin, reuniting your divorced parents, and pushing your sleeping stepmother’s air mattress into a lake is OK, as it was in The Parent Trap, then canceling plans simply must be OK. It’s a simple yet powerful logic. At the end of the day, you do what you need to do to cope.

canceling plans is ok. going away to summer camp is ok. eating oreos with peanut butter is ok. switching places with your identical twin is ok. reuniting your divorced parents is ok. pushing your sleeping stepmother’s airmattress into a lake is ok. do what u need to do to cope.

— ˗ˏˋ father john mitski ˎˊ˗ (@onlineryn) January 4, 2020

Eager to take part in one of the first memes of 2020, Twitter users are summarizing the plots of their favorite movies or fictional stories and sharing their own takes on the “canceling plans is ok” meme.

canceling plans is ok. jumping out of ur mom’s moving car during a fight is ok. spending thanksgiving with ur gay bf is ok. pretending to be rich is ok. losing ur virginity to timothee chalamet is ok. going to NYU against ur mom’s wishes is ok. do what you need to do to cope.

— lady bird 🕊 (@anagsoto_) January 4, 2020

canceling plans is ok. being behind on rent is ok. assuming ur friend’s identity as a substitute teacher is ok. teaching the kids to use their musical talent for rock n roll is ok. sneaking them outta school to audition for battle of the bands is ok. do what u need to do to cope.

— (◕‿◕✿) (@protozoafan95) January 5, 2020

canceling plans is ok. eating huge amounts of food with your best friend is ok. driving around in a van and solving mysteries with your friends is ok. being a talking dog is ok. ro rhat rou reed ro rope. ru roh. xx

— 19th century timothée chalamet fan club president (@morganaomi) January 5, 2020

canceling plans is ok. going to therapy is ok. burning ur sister’s novel is ok. falling into ice to distract her from her date is ok. making a foot mold for her crush is ok. eloping with her crush is ok. do what u need to cope

— Fletcher Peters (@fIetcherpeters) January 5, 2020

canceling plans is ok. staying home is ok. staging your own kidnapping and framing your husband is ok. going on the run is ok. killing your ex is ok. coming home to the husband you framed for your murder covered in blood and pregnant with his baby is ok. do what u need to cope.

— Sarah McGonagall (@sarahmcgphoto) January 4, 2020

canceling plans is ok. smuggling a rare & karmically cursed Ethiopian black opal into the country to sell at auction is ok. sexting yr mistress from inside a closet is ok. placing a three-way parlay on Game 7 of the Celtics-Sixers series is ok. do what you need to do to cope xxx

— Maddie Twittle (@maddiewhittle) January 4, 2020

canceling plans is ok. getting married on a greek island is ok. inviting three men who banged your mom to the wedding is ok. singing about it five inches from all their collective faces is ok. killing your mom off in the sequel is ok. do what u need to cope.

— emma lord (@dilemmalord) January 5, 2020

canceling plans is ok. poisoning your classmates to secure the win is ok. strategically using your professors ability to wield the sword of the creator is ok. reaching out our hearts in friendship so we can open our true hearts to one another is ok. do what u need to cope.

— 🌻 jay! @ KNY BANDWAGON (@jayblrd_) January 4, 2020

Canceling plans is ok. Kissing a warlock at your own wedding is ok. Breaking up with your boyfriend because his father, the prince of hell, made you is ok. Getting engaged while the world ends around you is ok. Getting married to in the institute is ok. Do what you need to cope

— Oumy 🌙 (@OumyLightwood) January 5, 2020

canceling plans is ok. farting is ok. drinking with the boss is ok. masturbating to your mermaid fantasy is ok. dancing cheek-to-cheek with your boss is ok. murdering your co-worker which will lead to your eventual psychotic break is ok. spilling your beans is NOT OK.

— Anna Rose Iovine (@annaroseiovine) January 4, 2020

It’s not the most solid justification, considering the majority of these characters are fictional, but you know what? The meme makes us laugh and feel slightly less guilty about canceling plans, so it works. The only real downfall is that if you haven’t seen one of the movies that’s been meme’d you’ve basically just read a bunch of spoilers. 😬

Even so, it’s 2020 and canceling plans is definitely OK. We even have some guidelines on how to cancel plans without being a jerk. You’re welcome!

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