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Los Perales de Mishahuaca is one of the most attractive places in the district of Canchaque, in the province of Huancabamba (Piura region).

The falls is a natural resource where its waters fall from the height of the hills, shaping the bedrock and has formed holes where visitors can bathe.

The name of Paroles is due to the variety of holes that it presents, wherein three of these holes, in the shape of a perol, you can refresh yourself in its crystalline waters, while you delight with the beauty of its waterfalls and the surrounding landscape.

Due to the difficulties of the entrance, towards the resource, the views are recommended in any season of the year, except during the winter, since the rains in this epoch impede the entrance to the lagoons. Likewise, it is recommended that visits to this natural resource be made in the mornings and until four in the afternoon.

How to get

To access Los Paroles de Mishahuaca, visitors must first go to Canchaque, which is located 3 hours from Piura.

To travel by bus, you must take it at the land terminal of Castilla. The ticket has a value of 12 soles and the bus must travel 142 km until reaching Canchaque with a duration of three hours. Once in Canchaque, you must continue for 4 more kilometers in a car, bound for Los Paroles.

In a private vehicle you must take the old South Pan-American Highway, and at kilometer 65 you must turn off towards the Antonio Raymondi road, towards Huancabamba. Once there, drive for 40 more minutes towards Los Paroles, 4 kilometers northwest of the city.


* Climate: tempered. with a diversity of flora and fauna.

* Location: The district of Canchaque is located in the province of Huancabamba, in the Piura region.